Workshop: Creating Multiplayer Minecraft Games using DiamondFire

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Presented By: Jeremy Millard


DiamondFire teaches coding concepts through a Minecraft multiplayer server. Using a drag-and-drop style coding system, students can create their own games directly within Minecraft. Students can collaborate and build games in real time, and they can also play each other's games together. DiamondFire achieves learning objectives using a unique, social environment and a game everyone loves!

In this workshop, we will:

  • walk you through the process of creating games on DiamondFire
  • show how programming constructs such as events, conditions, and parameters are represented within Minecraft
  • give you an overview of the educational modules within DiamondFire

If you have Minecraft: Java Edition, you can actively participate in building games in this workshop. If not, you can view the screenshare.

Hello all! You can check out DiamondFire at using Minecraft Java Edition.

Excellent session -really enjoyed it and VERY professionally done :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy,

I just wanted to check if we can use this inside of the Edu version?

Thank you!!

Hi! Unfortunately you'll need the Java Edition of Minecraft to use DiamondFire.