Workarounds for blocks Snap doesn't have (Part 1)

There's probably a more efficient/neater way to do this, but I'm new to JS, so this is what I got.

psst, there is string.includes(substring)

Actually I could have just done "ask stage for my other sprites".

Oh I get it; I thought you were reporting a bug, but you just want (and programmed) different behavior.

That's clever, but a little weird that it changes the behavior of the CATCH BREAKPOINT. I think it would be better to make a new continuation at the THROW and -- I want to say "return it," but of course there's no question of returning something when throwing to a continuation. I guess the CATCH BREAKPOINT would have to have an(other) upvar into which THROW BREAKPOINT could store the new continuation, or something.

Also I think a little weird that you get to return to the breakpoint exactly once. Sounds like you have a very specific application in mind. Yes?

I don't have a specific application; I just decided to give myself the challenge of figuring out how to return to the throw block. You can put multiple throw breakpoint blocks in the catch breakpoint block.

I created some of blocks with help of scratch wiki. But I don't know if it works or not.

May I see the blocks?

But I forgot to save.

oh well

Called it. That's much easier to use. Thanks!

if the item # of the input in list = 1, than it reports 0.

This should work:

Hi, I have another doubt how to make these effects? "faster”, “slower”, “echo”, “robot”, “louder”, “softer”, and “reverse”.
And also the pan left/right and pitch effects.
I tried but it failed.
And I forgot to save.

I don't know JavaScript. That's the main flaw.
I am not able to concentrate on Snap*!* because I am busy with Python and Panda3d creating a game called OpenCity.

If you want to you can join my discord server.

Not to be rude, but would you mind updating the list, @miniepicness?

Hi, I have another doubt how to make these effects? "faster”, “slower”, “echo”, “robot”, “louder”, “softer”, and “reverse”.
Here is a block for making a sound louder or softer:

(values less than 1 soften it, values greater than one make it louder)

Here is a block for reversing a sound:

The left/right panning can be done with these blocks:

sound fun script pic (3)

sound fun script pic (2)

Hope this helps!

Thank you

But what about other sound effects.
Robot etc.