(Work In Progress) Aftershock Rhythm Game

so i made this game thing idk

Its not much but it will be very soon

you can make your own songs with it but this will become more

You can play it here! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

any thoughts?

Will it be like FnF?

You spelled game wrong

I think they're just aiming for a DDR-styled layout, doesn't look like it will play exactly like either game though.

i know that it might be hard but can you make it where you can save your own songs

That wouldn't be very hard.

oh... i thought it would because i didnt think that you could like load your songs back up after saving them

Naw. You can make a list that gets stored in local storage that can be loaded later.

oh ok thats cool


From the looks of it, it seems to be some sort of mix between Osu, FNF, and Dance Dance Revolution.


KInda like a mix of all the rhythm games

osu ddr and fnf (but mostly osu and ddr)


yea lol