Words, sentences library won’t load

I just looked at the repo and I see that the wrong word_sentences.xml is still there.

Not that it should make any difference, but could you delete it Brian just to tidy things up?

[edit -I've just realised that I've lost the plot as to which is right, dash or underscore :slight_smile:

Looking at all the lib files - there's no consistency at all as to which one is used :slight_smile: I've made a suggestion to Jens that maybe this could be sorted in dev version (as no need to change main version)

[edit] Jens has sorted the repository - just need to wait for it to make its way thru to my browser :slight_smile:

[edit] Must learn to be more patient :slight_smile: still 404 with me

I don’t see the harm in keeping it, something might depend on it and it doesn’t save much load time nor does it take up memory. It’s their repo tho they can do whatever they want with it

The issue was just fixed with 9.0.12 (I got a notification for it, so yeah...)

Edit: wait, what is this?

Wait, it looks like the xml file is a project instead of a library. That could be a problem.

They just added a new library

Two actually, Just Words, and Replace Letters (which is just one block...)

Nvm 2 new ones

Wait no there’s 3

Just got fixed

It's finally fixed with 9.0.13 (wow, a new release in less than 20 minutes).

That’s gotta be a new record or something. But it gives us a cool insight onto how library’s are actually made and exported

Seems like a new primitive came along with it
Stage_pic script pic 2
And I don’t think we are ment to have this

welcome to snap @lori.piper

Looks OK here

[edit] I see why - there was a quick shift to 9.0.13 and that's what I've got
I should read the whole thread before commenting :slight_smile: