Wordle Solver (Remix)

This is a remix of a project by @susscrofa.


This is Scratch Cat.
Scratch Cat has good posture when using the computer.
Be like Scratch Cat.

Nice. I like the cat's facial expressions! Are those all costumes provided by Scratch, or did you have to draw them?

Is there a system to the ordering of words in the list? My impression is that the way I can stump this program is to pick a word with the same letter twice, e.g., ROSES (even though AROSE gets four yellows on the first move!).


I've been wasting a lot of time lately playing with @manyone's wordle game.

I made all the costumes in the project. The laptop, while it exists in the scratch costume library, doesn't have a sideways-facing sprite, so I had to make one. The scratch cat himself is just a slightly modified version of the normal sprite:
LaptopscratchNormal costume1 (1)


LOSSY has two s's, but it still works. ROSES only failed because there were too many words that are similar to it but are higher on the list.
I'm pretty sure the word list is ordered from most to least information they give on average (watch this video), and (I know that) words are eliminated as it goes on. The first item is always picked.
Since words like ROSES have repeated letters, they would give very little useful information, and therefore are further down the list.

Sorry if I didn't explain this well. Information theory is a bit of a rabbit hole.

No, I get it. That was a fine explanation. The core point is "most to least information they give." I had been thinking it'd be something like frequency of occurrence in English text, but of course now that you mention it that's clearly a better word order.

No f-u I'm sittin on the carpet in my room rn

Scratch cat >:(

Well, all the letters are green, which means that was the word you had in mind XD.
Although, this raises a question: @bh, should I remove potentially offensive words from the database?

well yeah

oh, is that what it means?

yes, it says so in the description

I didn't read that lol

it's kind of a good idea to read the descriptions on projects

I guess so, yeah.

yeah ik

Cokes doesn't work

Well, I didn't make the word database. So you should ask the creators of Wordle about that.
Also, this list doesn't contain any proper nouns, so cokes was probably left out because it's a brand name.

Sorry, what was it you were talking about?


Gasps Scratch Cat!