Word/Text to Binary Converter (Help!)

Link: Snap! Text>Binary (berkeley.edu)

Alright, there is a bug in the code that I can not figure out. Could someone please review the code?

The issue:
When you enter the text and press "enter" it always come out with the output 010000010 (A) which is the first item on the binary A-Z-a-z list. Help?

I am extremely stupid.

Its still not working, now t just outputs the inputted word. Its not converting it.

Does this work for you?


There is a problem: Yours is not always accurate.

What do you mean?

Edit: Do you mean it not padding to a power of two digits?

Well when i convert a word, sometimes it doesnt convert to the correct binary or it reports the same letter in binary twice.

Can you give an example?

I wasnt able to replicate it when I tried again. When it first happened I entered "cause" and it displayed the binary for a instead of c

So you typed in "cause" and got "1100001 1100001 1110101 1110011 1100101"?

Yes. It also happened when I typed "cant"

both ca word.

Apparently capital "C" gives 1000011, which is the reverse of lowercase "a"'s 1100001.

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