Won't fall

this is not green ball positions, the problem I'm having with this game is that ,when the variable angle drop ,sprite(2) does not fall and look at the screenshot what the problem with the game. and someone tell me what is wrong with the coding and how to fix that problem.

it's already touching green
also this should go in Snap! Editor

This should actually go in Help with Snap!

Oh dear. They seem to have "improved" the forum software so when you use a multi-level category name, it shows only the leaf part of the name. That's... unhelpful.

PS I fixed the category of this thread.

What if you're colorblind and can't see the colors on the little square? People really need to think before they do.
Edit: Snap! does have a similar issue:
(Three [] of [] blocks)
untitled script pic (4)

Oh, heh, I didn't see the green in the square, it just looked blue (and I never pay attention to the sub category).

At least each is in a separate palette, kind of fitting with the domain of the block. But yeah, once you drag one into a script, you don't have that clue.

But each block has different options, which can help differentiate the blocks.

We're talking more at a glance here, also what about script pics?

I'd assume you'd be able to tell the difference between costume #, length, and sqrt.

A local variable length:
untitled script pic (5)
This would for any of the options of either the lists or operators block.

Sigh. I guess we should make local variables in the Sensing OF orange or something. WTSD™.

I accually have 20x20 vision.

yes I do sea the colors.

I figured out the problem. it took me over a hour to figure out the problem.

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