Won't buy ball ,even though I have enouf coins

greenball positions 73 script pic (1)greenball positions 73 script pic (2)these blocks spend coins 1st ,then
greenball positions 73 script pic (3) this custom block check's if I can afford the ball.
this custom block is still checking if I can afford a ball ,even though I already spended the coins for the ball. when that happens, it delets the ball from the greenball positions 63.1 script pic (5) .

you could have a variable called

[scratchblocks](checking coins?)[/scratchblocks]

that is set to true when greenball positions 73 script pic (3) starts running then is set to false when it stops running, then

[scratchblocks]wait until <not(checking coins?)>[/scratchblocks]

before you buy a ball.

this is the best solution i could come with without seeing the entire project.

scratchblocks broke if i didn't put new lines for some reason

well how can I get the checking coins varible to detect if it's checking coins

create it

I'll ask chat gpt for help

today I have been thinking about it alot and the checking coins varible doesn't work with out a block that snap doesn't have. the block would be in operators. it would be + or - block. the block would half to check if if the variable coins add's or subtract's.

your script pic says greenball positions 73 but I don't see greenball positions 73 on your profile. I only see greenball positions 69 as the latest. Try to share it?
Screenshot 2024-03-31 211110

But despite the above, I may solve it.
Is the rudder 0? The ball cannot be bought if the rudder is 0. Maybe try removing the rudder check?

Also, this may be better when moving to Help with Snap! > Snap! Editor. This category (Bug reports) is only for technical bugs in Snap!, not for specific projects.

my project: greenball positions74