Wit: The Snap! Web Browser


Hello! Today I have made a web browser!
Wit, the Snap! web browser can take you to (almost) any webpage! Simply type in the web address (starting with https://), and it will generate either a decent looking webpage or a very crappy webpage! Simply click [esc] on your keyboard to return to the menu.

A big thanks to @dardoro for the controlled HTML viewer.

Link: Wit: The Snap! Web Browser

Screenshot 2021-06-09 163644

I think you forgot a slash at the end. If that doesn't work, reload the webpage. If that doesn't work, there is probably something wrong with your internet. It works fine for me!

Now I get
Screenshot 2021-06-09 164038

try https://google.com/. It looks better than Snap!.

Screenshot 2021-06-09 105404
it looks worse than the regular webpage

Look, I cant load the css (looks) of the webpage. thats while it looks bad.

I think CSS and Javascript are not available. Only HTML works and most website not use pure bred Javascript. Also sad javascript is disabled in snap but i went inside the project and enabled it but atlleast it is an semi parser.

Yeah, thats why websites dont look that great.

Use cors.bridged.cc to get the response without having to parse the JSON

Just use
[scratchblocks] (split(etc)by[JSON]::operators)[/scratchblocks]

Wit_ The Snap! Web Browser script pic (1)

To get the content of the page you can load


But you still need to rewrite every URL on that page to redirect with https://api.allorigins.win/raw?url=

Even if I did it would open it in a new tab. Its still a link. The program needs to be able to recognize a link, replace it with text, and put all links in a seperate clickable button that can load that webpage in snap!.

Update! Added Smart Search (Automatically looks something up on Google if the URL is not a valid link) and Smart Browsing (Adds https:// to the URL if not added)!