WIP on basic JSON blocks

I want JSON management to be a bit more mainstream inside Snap! programming. I looked in the libraries, but I didn't find anything useful. So, I'm making my own blocks, inspired by TurboWarp's JSON extension.

You can find the WIP project here: Snap! Object Notation

Inside are really basic JSON type blocks. Currently the inputs are lists of two-item lists, which act as the key and value, much like how it exports it when you use the "split [hello world] by [json]" block.

I will be adding more in the future, such as batch operations on values, possible vec2/vec3/vec4 presets and other QoL features. Feedback appreciated, I'm actually quite new to releasing things on Snap!...

This looks really good, and can be very useful.

I want to direct your attention to the List Utilities library. That library has a block called asoc. This block is basically just get value from dictionary.

Now yes, I do know that it just reports the key and value, but that can be easily fixed. I wanted to tell you about this because it is very useful for dealing with json data.

Now, I am not saying your library is unnecessary, because it is still very useful. It simplifies dealing with json data, and it has some really neat stuff. Although I do also want to mention, json can also use lists, not just dictionaries, so your library is more of a dictionary library. Good job!

SNAP! Object Notation script pic (2)

But that does not account for numeric keys