WinCE 1.1 (Windows Compact Edition)

I made a project to try and replicate Windows 10, it has everything with the Start button, to Taskbar, and some Settings.

Here is the project:

Please put ideas in the comments for improving this project!

Versions log:

Update 1.0:

  • Release

Update 1.1 (Minor Update):

  • fixed the block and any associated tests of the BSOD block on the taskbar
  • makes the taskbar automatically set it's transparency effect
  • tweaked booting (added BIOS and NTDOSKRNL sprite to make it bootable on future custom BIOSes/Installers i make)
  • fixed Start being a little "ghosted"

to be added:

  • Custom BG using URLs
  • Boot screen and Options to disable it
  • Window GUI (Main Focus)
  • Tweaker (Somehow with Window GUI)
  • Command Prompt (Somehow with Window GUI)

its okay.. but not much to do

How is this supposed to work?

I love that dropdown menu at the start lol! Thats amazing! Amazing project!!!

Instead of a Windows 10 screen I'm seeing this popup: "Error: indexOf is not a function."


Please reply to the post next time and not the most recent reply.

...but they're talking to @earthrulerr about the windows 10 screen/start menu

I believe they should have replied to the topic itself... oh well!

Sorry. I didn't realize I did.

oops! Sorry :pensive:, I was testing my BSOD function... I'll fix that in a moment...

I like it, but it doesn't have much stuff to use. That gives me an idea...

anybody have ideas about Window UI?

Oh, should've said the idea. The idea is that there could be like a language in a language.

I don't have time to add a link.


If anyone has any ideas to change the language, tell me.

So i was about to release the Wallpaper update, but...

Can anyone fix this?

You're screwed, the xml was corrupted, most likely because of cloud errors, or it didnt download completely if you downloaded it. Can you try recovering it?

I thought somebody said when you loaded a backup that was screwed to

its still stored in the cloud... but when I added more blocks and other stuff and saved it in my PC... it shows that error. so yea

lol ok