Will we ever be able to type in text for sprites and backdrops?

i think that snap should be able to have a type text option besides pen and for backdrops and sprites. if there is already tell me because i didnt know, but i think it should be added so we can make better title screens and stuff. just a suggestion.

Yes. No promises about when, but we all want text boxes.

Yay we will get text boxes!

Snap probably needs a complete rewrite of the paint editor anyway, so...

It is a bit confusing

Yeah that's on the list.

Well, good.

The current paint editor is...not the best. We might need a few changes. Cannot exactly pinpoint what needs to be changed, but thats not my job anyways.

But back to what Blub was saying, text boxes would be a great addition. It's getting pretty tiring to import text through images and stuff.

IMO the paint editor will never get improved

It's just not on anyone's priority list to do it.

There are many other tools that can be used to produce costumes that can then be imported

It's best to move on from Scratch and learn to use these other tools.

Or play around with programmatically making costumes rather than drawing them

dude still the games would look way better if we were able to just add a textbox and scratch was snaps inspiration, they literally copied stuff from scratch and then added stuff to make it more complex

Games can look even more better if a dedicated image editor is used :slight_smile:

But if you still want to stick with Scratch type graphics - just create your costumes in Scratch and export/import them into Snap!


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