Will this script actually delete my account?

untitled script pic (2)

You can try using my @joecooldoo_banned account.

No. You have to be logged in. You can only delete your own account. Otherwise it returns JSON: "error":"you do not have permission to do this"

So you need to do it while logged into that account.

um, how did you find this?

Github. Snap! Cloud-backend source code. snapCloud/API at master · snap-cloud/snapCloud · GitHub

well, I tried doing it with a new account that I made, and this is what I got

I was logged into @ego-lay_atman-bay-delete.

I also found out that this is the info at the url

(That email I used was a temporary email.)

This is a problem because someone could get the email by getting a user to go to a project, then sending that data through a cloud variable, and get just about anyone's email.

No. I thought so too. Try someone else's user and it wont work. It'll give the you don't have permission to do this error.

I know, but you can send data through cloud variables.

Here's what could happen.

What if inside a project, it grabs your email, and then sends it though a cloud variable so the creator of the project can see the emails of the users that ran the project.

Ah. Yes. Very true. Maybe Snap! team should filter some info coming from the API.

Fixes are coming to Snap! 7. You should check on github often. That's mainly how I get all my information.

but the snap api isn't part of snap itself, it's a whole other thing, and I have a feeling that the snap api is part of the snap cloud.

Isn't just that recreating Facebook in snap? (according to some things I'm told about Facebook)

The [scratchblocks](url []::sensing)[/scratchblocks] block blocks requests to the API.

ok, I tried it in snap 7 dev, and I can see that it blocks requests to the api.

try in the older versions (with a temporary account)

I did,


try making a few projects then try again. maybe it deletes projects only.

nope, I don't think it deletes projects, unless I'm doing something wrong

Try the exact script I posted. Because on Github it said it had to be a DELETE request. Doesn't the URL block make get requests?