Will Snap! 7 Dev Projects Get Converted To Regular Projects After The Update?


I don't think so. If you remember, when Scratch 3.0 was still in dev version (Before January 2019) it was just a test version. You couldn't share the project nor can you save it.

Also a few months ago, Scratch Team released a test build of some features they made, facial recognition being one of them, they said that you couldn't share the project, download it, or save it on your account.

So no I guess. Also what if @jens changes and deletes some of the functions that are in Snap 7 dev once it comes out? Then Snap 7 dev projects wouldn't be compatible with the real Snap 7 update.

Thank you for the detailed post. I would still like to here from Jens.

  1. Why is your post a wiki post?
  2. You'll probably be able to manually convert them in v7. I don't think they'll be automatically converted.

I want to see what @jens thinks.

you know it's possible to reply to posts, right?! that's like... the main thing you do on the forum!

We expect that projects you've made in 7-dev will Just Work in 7-release. The only incompatibility in save formats has to do with scenes, and Jens isn't going to remove that; it was the big thing he had scheduled for v7.

What's the incompatibility?

Inside the project is
where what goes in the ... is what used to be the whole project.

Yes, but how is that an incompatibility between 7dev and v7?

What? No, the incompatibility is between 6.9 and 7.0.


implied that the incompatibility was between 7dev and v7.

Sorry, I agree that my wording could have been better. The first of the sentences you quoted implies that the 7-dev format will also be the 7-release format.

It wasn't quite clear, due to the "Just Work" part.