Why won't my mouse x = and mouse y = script work?

The = block doesn't use hyperblocks, so your script doesn't work because you're really just comparing a number and a list together, which are not the same, so it will always report false. What you should do instead is

the reason for the numbers being different is to let it be inside a range.

Stage (11)

untitled script pic (65)

What a great detective work. I like it.

(Just being curious. Any particular reason why the floor is used instead of (a somewhat more usual) round function?)

Great idea to use a number range for like that :slight_smile:

I've always wished for a shorter method (to save me dragging blocks around) of checking 2D boundaries :slight_smile:

"ceiling" will be better to keep the mouse exactly inside boundaries without 0.5 pixels extending.

It looks like overkill, but to be exact for negative values too
untitled script pic (11)
untitled script pic (10)

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