Why were usernames changed to not have capital letters?

My username used to be MrFluffyPenguins before, but after the uncategorized forum was removed, it's now mrfluffypenguins.

I don't really care about the capitalization, I was just wondering why this happened.

I don't really see an issue, it could be because users aren't case sensitive? (I clearly don't know my Snap!, I just use Scratch a lot- then it got blocked.)

I had the same issue, my Roblox name is Earthrulerr and I want all my users to be Earthrulerr but on Snap it made it lower case.

In general we make comparisons case-independent, because it's the right thing. Capitalization is just a formatter, like italics or boldface; it doesn't change the meaning of the text, almost all the time.

But in this case it's also because of some conflict between Snap! and our third-party forum software. I forget the details, but enforcing lower case fixed it.

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