Why undo is so buggy

i don't remember a time undo worked correctly lol

I think Snap tries to emulate a mouse dragging a certain point on a block and dragging it to another point in the scripting area. Dragging the scripting area around and moving blocks and stuff like that usually screws it up, so I only use it as a last resort.

the most annoying bug i ever experienced in snap, always messes up development

ikr i built this long script, right clicked and accidentally pressed delete
I pressed undo and it placed it in another part of the long script making it impossible to find the script I had accidentally deleted

yup, exactly

It's not exactly a bug, but a limited feature. Really the button should be labelled UNDRAG and then you'd expect its behavior. A full UNDO requires keeping around the state of the world before any UI action you take, so for example if you click the green flag and then click UNDO it should not only stop the project, like clicking the stop sign, but also move all the sprites back to where they were before you clicked the green flag, etc. We'll get there eventually, I think, but it'll be a huge project for Jens, and there may not be any other improvements that year.

What about other bugs i reported, i guess you never looked into it

We do read the bug reports, but not everything gets fixed right away. It's pretty much all Jens right now because Bernat and Michael are both mainly working on cloud stuff. We'll get there. Just don't hold your breath.

Honestly I'd be fine if it didn't save the state of the sprites and variables, just save the state of the code so if I messed up I'm not completely screwed. The fact that pressing Cmd+Z in Snap "drags" the block to the general area that it was before, but it sometimes not ending up actually in the right spot, has caused me so much frustration.

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