Why isn't the TOTM changing?

Yeah, there needs to be a new MOTT/TOTM.

Well, I proposed one, so we'll see if we get a new one by next year⠀:P

That's a bit rude, innit?

I was joking.


I don't see how that's rude, if anything, it's poking fun at the fact that the TOTM hasn't changed in a while.

I agree.

let it grow?


Sorry about that. Up to April we could still joke that TOTM actually meant Topic of Three Months, but now we're up to TOFM.

We'll try to get a new one up soonish, before the F in TOFM stands for Five...

:slight_smile: :-).

waiit could i potentially make one like i did a couple years back

hmmm TOTM May: bathrooms - make a project about a guy taking a poo

Or, Communication.

thats disgusting


the hell you come from?
edit: the hell you go??

Where did you come from, Cotton-eye Joe?


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