Why isn't the TOTM changing?

I just noticed that the Topic of the Month is still stuck on Turtle Geometry which associated with January 2024. But it's April now. Did you run out of ideas or you abandoned it (please don't, it was fascinating to add projects to these)?

Actually, yeah, why isn't it changing?

Perhaps the whole concept should be renamed MOTT: every so-many months is going to be Month Of The Topic.

In earnest, if a monthly frequency is too high, why not make it a seasonal event? And publish announcements on the homepage, at least a full season (and preferably: one year) in advance, with links where to send one’s project, like:

… plus a more prominent link to earlier installments.

yeah when it gonna change

Let it change, let it change, LET IT JUST FREAKING GO AND CHANGE!

O, c’mon folks, let’s give the Snap! staff a break. It’s not as if we’re paying for a service, or dying from starvation because the TOTM is a bit late, are we? TOTM is a nice feature, let’s enjoy it when it continues, whenever that may be.


  1. You didn't get the reference.
  2. That's not what I meant.

Whatever. Dude.


Bruh. Rude.

Yeah, I agree here.

So, what's the MOTT?

"March to April."

Eh. "Turtle Geometry" sounds better to my ears, but IDK.

Yeah, there needs to be a new MOTT/TOTM.

Well, I proposed one, so we'll see if we get a new one by next year⠀:P

That's a bit rude, innit?

I was joking.


I don't see how that's rude, if anything, it's poking fun at the fact that the TOTM hasn't changed in a while.

I agree.

let it grow?