Why is this script not working?

why is this not working?
Shooty Pew Pew script pic (1)
(tell me if im being dumb)

to me it almost looks incomplete

I know its incomplete but ive worked with a menu script like this before and they partly work by now.

no no like in this script is missing something important(IM SERIOUSLY GETTING ANNOYED BY THE DELAY)

lemme finish it and show it to you

I think you need a forever loop around the if blocks. Also, both key pressed inputs are "d".

Its hard to say why its not working without some more information

What do you expect it to do?

What is it doing instead?

Some information on which costume corresponds to which number would help?

Sharing the project would also be handy :slight_smile:

its suppose to cause a character sprite to be used but its not doing that

I tryed the forever loop, it should switch the menu costume, its not doing anything, jim=1 jen=2 jay=3

WAIIIT hmmmm part of it is now working lemme test.....

This should work. For the "d key pressed" part of the script, change the number in the operator boolean to the amount of costumes in the character selection sprite.

ohhhh ok thanks

ummm you got a less laggy version??

Try putting a warp block inside of the forever loop, put all scripts in the forever loop in the warp block?

better, thanks

Two things:

  1. Use IF/ELSE so you don't switch to costume 2 then back to costume 1.

  2. Instead of the fixed wait time, use WAIT UNTIL <NOT <KEY d PRESSED>> or whatever key it is.