Why is the sound like that?

Why do I hear a click sometimes?
~Deleted Project~

This project exists:
~Deleted Project~

Confirming: I heard one burst of noise in a couple of minutes of play -- all I could stand. :~)

depends on which browser you use those "clicks" are better (Chromium) or worse (Firefox). I'm ramping the gain up at the beginning and down at the end of a note, but only for about 5 milliseconds. That may be a little short for some browsers, but I really personally hate "softening" it more, because then it sounds like something out of my bathtub, and - being a musician myself - that's even worse.

TL;DR: the "clicks" have become way less pronounced in v5 than they were before, but I'm compromising between "clicks" and precision leaning towards precision :slight_smile: