Why is Snap! so laggy?

@spacer converted a project with Snapinator!, In scratch it runs smooth and perfectly, but In Snap! it has like 10 framer per second.

yes... also here is the link to the Snapinator project, it was meant for Fish Eaters

P.S. this is what you were looking for : Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Yes, I had the same problem with one of my projects. Try checking for long if-else chains.

Hey @spacer, I don't know how your Fish Eaters game is going to work like. Can you post some concept art so I know what you want to do with your game? Also I need some concepts on how the AI would work for Fish Eaters.

That collab is done...

no it isn't

That's off-topic. Post it in the fish eaters topic.

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