Why is "PYOP: Diddy Pongo" unpublished?

Why is "PYOP: Diddy Pongo" unpublished, mods?

Author of project ''PYOP: Diddy Pongo'' unpublished it... mods- I don't think so


is theeric132
I don't think he unpublished it (if he did, he wouldn't make this topic).

The moderators did unlist and lock the thread "PYOP: Diddy Pongo". Can you guess why?

Project had a bad contents?

We discussed it, and the consensus of opinion among the staff is that sadistic story lines really aren't the image we want to present; saying "this is satire" doesn't really fix it. (Kind of like "with all due respect" or "no insult intended.")

Then how about the entirity of PYOP?

Are you asking us to review all your projects? I suppose we can do that...

Yes, I'm asking the mods to review the entirity of PYOP.

Do it, @bh!

This is unhelpful.

Don't shout.

Ok, I won't shout.
I'm just asking @bh if he can review the entirity of PYOP.
Oh wait, PYOP: Diddy Pongo is unpublished and unshared.
Also, what is your favorite PYOP?

PYOP: Alice Margaroid's Dollshop is also unpublished.
Why? Snap! is now falling on the dogs.


If I'm gonna republish "PYOP: Alice Margaroids Dollshop" and "PYOP: Diddy Pongo", what can I change about these projects to make them less sadistic while keeping the signature PYOP toilet humor?

Oh! I finally republished "PYOP: Alice Margaroids Dollshop", but with a "nonsadistic" twist:

Not sure if I'm gonna republish "PYOP: Diddy Pongo" with the exact same "nonsadistic" twist.

I also finally republished "PYOP: Diddy Pongo", with the exact same "nonsadistic" twist:

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