Why is my script adding to both lists?

Hi!!!!! I was trying to make a project today that could download stuff like images and audio from the internet, and save it to a list for later use in the project (in an attempt to make graphic/audio heavy projects and a minimal file size), and came across a bug either in my code or in Snap! where the script would add to both the Downloaded Costume and Sound lists when told to add to the Downloaded Costume list. Is there any way to fix this???

Link To Unlisted Project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Script Pic:

Also, don't mind the image I am using as an example in the project, just something my friend sent me whilst making this lol

You are setting both variables to the same (empty) list in the first instruction.

to fix it, just use this method for resetting the variables instead
untitled script pic

Got it. Thanks!!!!!

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