Why is my game laggy

here is the URL

The only things I get are "Expecting a list but getting a text" errors, no lag.

When you actually start the game you get a lot more errors than "Expecting a list but getting a text". If you fixed those then it would be easier for us to find the issue.

Really? I only get

errors, not

Well, I'll try to screenshot one but every time I pause the project it dissapears.

edit: here's one
Screenshot 2024-05-08 10.25.02 AM

edit: the animation variable isnt actually a list, its value is the number 0. Make the animation variable a list before you add things to it next time. Also, why are you replacing an item of animation with animation itself?

Uhhh, I wasn't looking at the code. I was just playing it.

They were talking to @mtrout_27.


snappinator but idk who made this project

snappinator almost never correctly converts big scratch projects into snap code