Why is it so hard to get a featured project

i've worked very hard on projects like Snap+ and the Snap+ Editor

So im just wondering how to get a featured project.

There and there are your answers...

Snap! isn't for get popularity.


That's just what only people want... sad

there's just a few of us on the Snap! Team sifting through the new projects looking for cool ones to feature, and there are really no hard rules, more personal preferences. In general we usually feature projects we like, because we think they're nice for others to get inspired by, or because it makes somebody of us smile or spend some time on. We usually don't feature projects that are or look like school homework, and most of us also don't feature projects that use the JS-Function block. But it really boils down to that we don't want to give y'all the impression that there's some kind of competition for cool projects that "get featured", or some status that you can "earn".

oh ok thanks!

what do you mean? but i kinda see ur point

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