Why is it so blurry even though its at 100% size, and it covers the stage?

so, i was looking in the 10.X libraries, and i found this
untitled script pic (1),
but when i ran this script
untitled script pic,
the stage looked like this
its at 100% size, the stage is filled with it, but for some reason it's blurry! why?
also, when i checked the width, this happened!
untitled script pic (2)

Maybe delete and repost on this thread just to keep the main forum clear of experimental dev stuff

It's a little quirk with the block. Instead of returning the appropriate costume, it tends to make the costume (bitmap) in a larger size. :blush:

Snap! will throttle the size of the costume to the stage size. Since the width says 481, it means the costume width is throttled. Try changing stage size. This is intended.

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