Why is every topic before topic 1000 gone?

Window.open() in run Javascript Function block opens a lot of tabs - #5 by ztianyang is as far as you can go without it not existing, but why?
Edit: I dug deep into wayback machine and found "operating system wars"..?
https://forum.snap.berkeley.edu/c/operating-system-wars this doesnt exist today, though.
link, but this is relavent because a post # is 740

Edit 2: I dug really deep, and found post # 8

do you mean before?

yeah whoops

There used to be a Uncategorized and Political/Debate section (idk what it was called) but it was deleted later.

I found this out in the way back machine, where I found post # 8

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wow thats cool

lmao what

after the events of snapcon 2020 (when the forum got out of hand), the forum was basically shut down while they deleted a bunch of old posts (including the entire uncategorized category). That's when the rules got a lot more strict, in fact, they were a lot more strict than they are now. They kept the on topic stuff, but they removed a bunch of javascript related posts (I think), and non-snap related posts. That's why there's a bunch of posts deleted.

yea i remember that

Is there any way to find post number one

i tried normal, but maybe via wayback machine

I suspect it would be a announcement.


What exactly happened? I join after this.

What?I could read them on december!
Topic one was welcometosnapforums
Topic four was some arduino topic
i dont remember them clearly

a bunch of new users came to rant about how they were banned "for no reason" on scratch, as well as a ton of other non-snap related things. It was crazy.

No i saw you before sc 2020

What??? I believe I joined Snap itself in 2020 but joined the forums in early 2021.

Dang, go to the Scratch appeal screen to appeal not the freaking Snap! forums. Idiots.