Why im still a snap member

I am a gamefroot user, but they have no community.
the reason its #requests-to-the-community thing is because thank you, Snap! community as this place is nearly not as toxic as other communities. but this place could get better. which is why im going to help make this place better, anyone can help me.

Also I'm new, but I think we should use what is here and when we know a lot, we can publish
own skills :upside_down_face: It touched me very much the this topic on #announcements:blog So much of my position.

I think you mean "not nearly as toxic."


It's also great that this community is small enough that newer users are noticed more, and respected. It's also small enough that @bh can single handedly read every single post (he must have a lot of time)

For some reason it's not tagging...

@<span />bh

I know, I did this @<span>bh So it wouldn't tag him. He has said before that there's no need to notify him since he reads every post.