Why I must respectful

Why I must be respectful and why Scratch is PG 13 and not for ages 8-16

What? Do you mean Snap!?

Snap! is designed for older c h i l d r e n as it has some more advnaced aspects and we must keep it friendly because there are some precious edible 8 year olds on the platform.

Scratch is, or should I say was...

People on Scratch have found ways to bypass the Swear Detector by replacing "The f#ck" with "The freak", "The frick", or worse, "The faq" or "fuk" or something like that.
Also people have found ways to bypass the Swear Word Detector on the TTS by placing "fuk" or "chit" to make the TTS say the words they mean, with fuk being "f#ck" or chit being "sh#t".

So I would say it used to be suitable for kids under 6 or something, now these days, it's more of a (and this is the part where I cut myself off). I mean, it's getting better for sure, now those bullies are going away, but most of them are still here.

Something that would piss me off on Scratch are the mean comments on my projects. But, you know, you can't delete comments, even your own comments, from anything or anywhere unless you're a mod.

I mean snap

Yes you can.

Second question: Why i must respectful

Does that even make any sense?!

its called playing dumb.

Yep. And it looks like I'm the man to do it.