Why doesn't the Bignum use b2^53?

WHY?It would speed things a lot.

Also,why does it think that sqrt(-1) is irrational(it switches to real notation from rational notation)?

Check the code!It already uses b10^7,and that value is for quirks on exp and log
Your suggestion would cause problems on multiplication.

It's not a human,it doesn't know precisely if stuff are rational
it either thinks that e^pi-pi is integer or it thinks that sqrt(-1) is not integer

The Scheme numeric tower, which is used by the Bignums library, models numbers as a set of concentric categories:

Integers ⊆ Rationals ⊆ Reals ⊆ Complex #s.

So there isn't a category of integer-coefficient complex.

Oh ok.

If you don't understand what that means:
'x ⊆ y' means that all items within x are contained in y.

(strict subset)
it means that A has all items of B and atleast some more.

I think you have the symbols backward. The underline under the ⊂ in ⊆ represents (half of) an equal sign. So it's "subset or equal," just like ≤ for numbers.

Oopsie! did got backwards

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