Why doesn't Snap! support using sprites as message payload?

If it does,we can transmit data between scenes more easily!

a sprite doesn't make sense.
would scripts still be running? would sounds keep playing?
what would happen with custom blocks that are in the sprite but aren't in the other scene?
what about global variables? what if those variables were shown?
what if the sprite contains a variable with a list that's in multiple sprites in the original scene? does the list change in the original scene when it's modified? what if you then switch back to the first scene, do they still share the list?

i don't think complex projects benefit from scenes, couldn't you just fit everything you need into one scene?

a sprite name doesnt make sense,but an object does.a fullCopy() of the sprite wont do any harm

yeah they don't,but there are still those pesky people that use them

excuse me? :rofl:

no offence

i know, i was joking

The intended use case of scenes is to connect entirely separate projects into a larger storyline. Each of the projects is supposed to be written such that it could be run on its own. In that situation, it makes sense for one scene to pass a little information to the next one, but not really to pass a ton of information.

IANJ, but I think the restriction is mainly intended to speed things up. Text and numbers can be passed as messages straightforwardly, and lists of text and numbers (yes, and Booleans, and I've probably forgotten another simple data type) also, but objects (sprites, costumes, etc.) have to be serialized in the sending scene and deserialized in the receiver. And it's easy for a user to forget the dependencies of a sprite (parent? global variables? hidden global variables? and so on) and not realize what they're asking for. And we want to see how this relatively simple implementation of scenes works out. What kinds of project can users, or groups of users each making a scene, come up with? At some future time we might reconsider this decision if scenes seem to be robust and fast enough.


not much,except on animations(code.game had implemented scenes years ago i think,but their scenes dont block variables or blocks)

That was meant as an empirical question, to be answered by seeing what users publish, not for you to give your opinion about (especially a negative opinion).

oh ok

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