Why does Snap! update as quick as my Roblox client upgrades?

In the last 2 weeks im pretty sure snap! updated 6 times lol

why does it update so much lol

(theres nothing wrong with it updating lol)

im just curious why

it was only snap 7.2.0 like last week

anyway i just thought it was funny

Also what are the bug fixes or new stuff that has been added in these updates?

just curious

You can read the elease notes for each new update by going here https://github.com/jmoenig/Snap/releases or just click the snap logo in the editor, and click download source

Sometimes Jens just has a fit of coding creativity!

Why are my comments gone..?

idk also why was ur first acc flagged

oh it wasn't flagged, I typed too fast when replying to your topic on "is mod applications open?" post.
My reply was "Oof, dang bro". But it does not show because everybody hates how I type :D
I originally thought you flagged it, but bh confirmed it was the software.

There was this huge side conversation started by slate_technologies about people who program in Snap!. I deleted all of it, not just your part.


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