Why does snap look like this?

Why does Snap! Look like scratch 2.0?(my guess is because Snap! Was made around scratch 2.0 but probably not because snap was BYOB before it became Snap! But idk if snap and BYOB was always like that because evidence tells me that Snap!/BYOB started when Scratch was in Squeak

It doesn't; it looks like Scratch 1.4, because we just think it's the best-looking Scratch version. And yes, BYOB was an extension (a mod) of Scratch 1.4, so it was written in Smalltalk (Squeak). The name changed at the same time Jens rewrote it in JS.

Also how did Jen’s make BYOB in squeak like did he use the workspace option or did he manually use the object category and then code it using etoys also if it’s possible can Jen’s (if he has a copy of old BYOB in squeak) could I have some of the source to fiddle with?

BYOB was an extension of Scratch -- Jens took the Scratch source code and added to it. Down at the bottom of the Snap! front page there's a pointer to old BYOB stuff.

I agree with you, Scratch 1.4 looks great. I don't know if this is the correct term but I love the skeuomorphism it uses.

Can Jen’s add a high contrast mode to snap!

Guess what I found when looking for libraries morphic-gui CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub

It is actually all of morphic.js code

That's probably a good idea for accessibility reasons. Maybe When Things Slow Down™.

I've already created a theme customization system in my mod, but the only thing really needed to make it high contrast is adding outlines to a bunch of the ui elements.

I am back I’m creating a 3.0 or 4.0 version of BAB using Morphic

Yeah, not something we want. Then we have to debug their themes in addition to their projects! But, in your mod, more power to you.

Block colors? Choice of font?

And I want to be able to check for clicks in a certain places how would I do that is there a way in morphic?

No, more like lines to separate ui elements to make it easier to see where you can click / drop items, like a line separating the palette from the editing area. If you look at some other high contrast uis then you'll see what I mean. Although scratch just did the bare minimum by just changed the block colors (yes, scratch did get a high contrast mode).

What I meant to say is, there's more than one thing to think about, even if your nominee is the most important of them. If we do it, we should do it right.

Oh yeah, there is nothing better than doing it right. The way I did themes may be good enough for my mod, but it may not be the best way to do it.

Oh and if you want to see how my snap mod handles custom themes, here it is.

Interesting. I had a hard time understanding it. What's a "frame"? I figured that would mean the border around a block, as you brought up earlier. What's a "group"? What's "feedback"?

Your interface isn't tinkerable; you need either a mini-Snap!-page picture in the dialog or an Apply button so you can see changes and tweak values without closing the dialog.

Also, since it isn't just a flag, but requires further data to work, it belongs in the top section of the Settings menu, with an ellipsis at the end of its name.

But of course I'm not in the audience for this feature; maybe the people who actually want a custom theme would understand your vocabulary.

The reason I didn't do that is because I need to refresh the ide to apply the theme, which closes all dialogs (this happens when you switch between flat and default design in vanilla snap). Now after saying this, I did think of an idea, maybe try and force the theme customization dialog to reopen after it refreshes the editor. Maybe...

That might be the better option, because it wouldn't be refreshing the ide, only a custom morph that has the same layout as the snap ide. Scratch addons does a similar thing for their custom theme addon (although it is only in the extension settings page).

Yeah. I suggested the other way first because it'd be less programming, and also if you just make a literal thumbnail of the Snap! window, the user won't be able to see very well what an individual block looks like, so maybe show one full-size block and a thumbnail of the big picture.

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