Why does my script say reporter isnt reporting?

when i try to make a 3d game where you run through a place (cant spoil it)
but one of my scripts says "reporter not reporting"

Well, can you show us your script, as well as any custom reporters in it?

there is no reporters in that custom block

Well can you show us your custom block definition?

Screenshot 2024-02-01 10.18.20 AM

I just realized I should've asked this before, can you also show me the error (as a screenshot)?

Screenshot 2024-02-01 10.26.42 AM

Huh, I would've assumed it would show the block that caused the error. The only way that I can help, is if you send a script pic of the script (with no image editing, I don't care about what your variable names are).

To get a script pic, if you don't know

Right click the script, then click script pic.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 10.17.21 AM

I asked for a script pic so I can import it into snap to test the code out.

To create a script pic, right click the script, and click script pic.

I was able to go through the code, and found that the problem is this block

It does not report, as the report block is inside the tell block. The tell block does not report when you stick a report block in it. You should instead use the ask block in a report block.

edit: actually after some more testing, it seems the reporter does report when you use the tell block. The only time it doesn't report, is if the sprite does not exist. I think that was your issue.

Hi, if you need a block for reporting angle you can try this one:
untitled script pic (4)


note: Block variable isin't design for this usage...

Whoa, that's very strange. Doesn't TELL start its own thread? Pretty sure the library version used LAUNCH. So even if it reports, I'm surprised it can report from this custom reporter. I learn something every day.

I know right? I'm also very surprised, because I went back through the older snap versions, and this behavior has been in snap since snap 4, the first snap web version. I haven't checked BYOB yet though. I'm just surprised I never knew about it, since I've been here since 5.4.

tell and ask do not fork a new thread, only launch does! tell evaluates a ring in the context of a receiver sprite within the current thread.

Check that the block is properly configured to report a value. Verify its input or context to accurate reporting.

Yeah now that I'm awake I know that. I guess I was thinking that the script you TELL a sprite to run has to live in that sprite's collection of activities somehow, like an invisible script in that sprite's scripting area. All wrong. Sorry.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 10.49.58 AM

what abt this

That looks fine