Why does it say "a variable of name 'disk' does not exist in this context"?

I have a variable called "disk" and this script gives me an error saying it doesn't exist

why does this happen?

The first variable in the script to the right is called disk. The one location is set to. That variable was never made as a script var or a actual var.

it's a var

what??? now it works:


Then maybe this should be in bug reports.

Yep. This topic should be moved to #bugs

I dont mean t o interrupt anyone but i cant make a post, is there a way to fix that?

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When you first create an account, you don't have high enough of a trust level to post topics.

oh ok thanks for the help

You are a new user, so you can't. Wait a bit and read forum posts. I just got it the same day you posted.
@scratchmodification yeah you can
@scratchmodification yessirr
@mr_owlssssnap2 Yep, I can edit it!
@scratchmodification we have defeated the system

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