Why does help windows have scratch 1.4 help images

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What's problem you are encountering?
the help windows are the same as scratch 1.4's
What have you tried that didn't work?
Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

this is about snap, not BYOB. BYOB is not maintained anymore, so what I'm asking for is updated help images, the scratch cat is in the help image, and that's a mascot from scratch, scratch cat did not exist in
neither BYOB nor Snap, only gobo was included. back to topic: with the scratch cat and the 1.4 images, it may confuse some other people

huh? BYOB is better than snap? BYOB has more uses than snap?
best guess:
snap has many features from BYOB

BYOB is snap

then why didn't say that instead?
dont answer pls

they just left the 1.4 help images in when making their own engine for snap. and why isn't this in feature requests

Sigh. There has just always been something more important to do than redraw help screens for the blocks that do exactly what they've always done starting in Scratch 1.

On the medium horizon is a new help system designed to make it easy to translate help screens to languages other than English. That's always been a weak point of internationalization, even for Scratch I think.

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what is the text font of this?

Baskerville, of course. Is there another font?

i was just asking because i have an idea of recreating the help windows of classic scratch 1.4 blocks

Great! But don't do it yet, because we're going to replace png-based help screens with a translatable format. I hope not too long after 7.0 is done.

in my paint.net, i only have "baskerville old face" font that is similar to the font you told me

It doesn't matter -- with the new system, you'll create a plain text file that will be compiled into a screen on the fly.

Not all use 1.4, some use Snap, because some blocks were not in Scratch.

paint.net doesn't exist

Yes, but this does: getpaint.net

bump, i want to keep this going

what is it and how do i use it?

it's not made yet