Why can't I do certain things?

Whenever I go to my Snap! profile on the main site, it says I'm not allowed to do so, and can't edit my profile except for email and deleting my account. I also can't remix projects, and I think there's a commenting option.

There are no comments on the community site.

To remix a project, just edit a project and save it.

Could you be more specific about the error message you get?

huh thats weird

I think they are thinking snap has features like a remix button, comment, etc. also I believe that’s the settings for everyone.

In Snap!, your profile is called your public page and your account is called your profile. It's confusing, but you get used to it.

There is no remix button on the main site. To remix a project, save it as your own and the project will be flagged as remixed automatically.

No, you can't comment on projects in Snap! (yet).

Ahh thanks for the clarification

It doesn't show anymore

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