Why are transient variables slower then normal list

What's problem you are encountering?
if I store a list in a transient variable it is slower to read/write to

What have you tried that didn't work?
disabling transient and manually emptying when I save project

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:
so in my project I generate the sprites using pen and save them to a list of all sprite pictures. I have it all on a event.
<Image would be here. but despite above I cannot post media>
It noticablly pauses at the insertion into list step. IDK why this is. but I just chose to manually clear the "cache" for the sprite

wait no... it just appears that pen gets really slow when the sprite is speaking...?

there's no difference between a transient and persistent variable, except that the former's value isn't saved in the project. Yes, moving a sprite while it is saying something can make it significantly slower, because the speech balloon has to reposition itself at every step, and that involves collision detection, because sprite costumes usually have irregular shapes.

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