Why are these seperate blocks?

Hello! I have a question for why are these seprate blocks?
As you can see, the var block and the sensing block in there ability to set T/F statements are almost identical. I understand why things like "parent" are under the varible block, but why is the draggable statement under the varible block instead of the sensing one? I just dont see a point for them to be seprate, and it took me a while to find draggable state cause they are seprate. It just makes no sense to me. If there is an actuall reason, I would like to know!
Also, "turbo mode" option is under sensing so its not that it splits vars and sensing features

The Sensing set is for project settings, and the Variables set is for vars and sprite properties.
Vars can be accessed in the Variables palette, but sprite properties can be accessed in the Sensing palette.