Why are the green flag scripts not running?

I am at an unexplainably-complete loss as to what the problem could be here. I don't wanna blame the script scheduler just yet, but I have no idea what else could be causing them to not even try to run.

Here's a link to my project here, it might somehow be a problem with my code, so maybe you can look through that.

They also run just fine clicking on them, that's... I don't even know anymore.

Oh, and yes, I have thought of broadcasts, I wanna stay away from those, though. from my previous experiences, they seem quite laggy in Snap!, and no, I wasn't using "broadcast and wait". just normal broadcast blocks.

You have a "stop all but this script" block in the stage. This is stopping all the other scripts from running.

Oh, I remember now. That was my previous solution to one of the visualizers continuing to run after the flag had gone due to the use of the "when" block, thanks for reminding me!

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