Why are signatures removed?

If everyone just 'makes their signature' anyway, it will make it easier to quote them.

Put your Signature here!

Ok speak like a mature furry or i can't understand you

what your doing can be seen as trying to avoid moderation

this is turning into spam

We've turned off signatures, and we will take further measures to reduce the noise, drama and chatting in these forums. I'm writing up a post explaining it, but since y'all keep calling out already I might as well announce it now.
We really cannot support these kinds of chat-rooms in this forum anymore, because it completely overwhelms us with trying to even stay halfway informed about what's going on. It doesn't help that y'all are role-playing (which makes it even harder for non-native English speakers like me), so we never know which parts of your posts are about real-world events or imaginary friendships / quarrels etc. But it really boils down to too much chatting that is unrelated to what this site is about: Computer Science Education and Programming with Snap.
Now, mind you, we've been discussing this in our team a lot and for a long time (several months now). On one hand we love what's going on, that y'all claim your own spaces here, that you assume "ownership" of threads like "shops" and "collaborations" etc., and that y'all hang out with your friends here, experiment with hacking your personality traits and social interactions. That's actually pretty darn great. It's what real teenagers do, and we love you for it. (Whenever an adult says that, y'all know what comes next, right? a sneaky BUT. Here goes:) BUT We're overwhelmed. We can't keep up reading your posts, because we're actually working on Snap, the programming language, and the BJC curriculum, and on the next SnapConference. And on many, many things. We want to answer your questions about Snap and we'll happily give you some pointers about how and where you can learn some powerful ideas. What we cannot do is host a coffee shop.
There is just too much going on here that has nothing or very little to do with learning computer science. We realize that some of you are coming over from Scratch where there is a different focus on personality development and general computational fluency, that involves and includes a broader set of activities to share and play together. We LOVE those ideals, but (I know, there's the adult "but" again) we don't have the capabilities and resources to support that here. What we hope to accommodate is a more narrow community fascinated by computer science concepts and their educational aspects. Therefore we will start closing all the collaboration and shop topics within the next days, and we'll not allow them any more. Also, we'll try to be really super strict about being on-topic, and that includes only topics on the subjects of computer science education and programming with Snap.
This is nothing personal. You've done nothing wrong. It's us who can't stomach what we've ordered. We're sorry, we really love you. But we're actually fighting for the survival of these forums.

i'm leaving snap. thank you very much for not letting us collaborate and make something amazing.

They said that they would love for you to do that, didn't they? But they can't let you do that right now.

whats the point? you can't do anything fun without having your friends opinion or being able to go a lil off topic. much less learn anything.

i detest Mr.Jens and his rules. only @bh is nice. @jens won't even give us a second chance OR a warning before enforcing these daft rules.

.......all because some people ruined it for all of us. No more Team Among Us now, No more Among Us ever....we are never going to finish even making Among Us and we did so much work for even trying to start making Among Us....

Idk bout you, but now the little motivation I do have to even make anything on Snap at all is going to go poof.

Ik you care abt him, that's why you left me, don't lie. (tho I have to admit, mr Jens, I gain 15 brain cells reading that essay of a post.)

why are you so concerned about yourself right now (I still can't believe you kumi)

Whoa whoa we do not need this right now please calm down

post withdrawn

can this please be closed? @bh @jens
also can all the posts after @jens's post be deleted?

No, it's ours, we should take the blame for our own mistakes......

@equilibrium guess I have to request nightcores the old fashioned way(using collections)

Why does everyone freak out about a change that won't really effect anyone that much? You guys know the forums aren't even the main part of Snap!, right? You guys can use collections, projects, and, when they get added, comments to communicate.

we should be allowed to protest for a second chance.

I already said:

It's been said multiple times that comments are going to be added eventually.