Who has a list of every word that can be on wordle?

I want to create a wordle solver because it sounds fun but I need a list of every word that can be on wordle. Who knows?

I finished the solver, I just need the words now.



Pick one and KEEP the five-letter words.

I have it but it crashes the page when I try to paste it.
Look at Wordle Words - All 2309 Words (Not in Order) No Spoilers!.

It's categorized as games for some reason meaning I can't see it.

also i forgot the green letters

i added them

Can you access github?


Ok, I'll put it there then.


It says "404" and "This is not the web page you are looking for". Do I need an account? If I do then I will get the data using my desktop at home.

I forgot to make it public. Try now.

It works now. Thanks!

This helped too