Which one should i change my pfp to

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For one thing, this would not go into the category Feature Requests (Requests to the Community would be better). Also, I don't think the forum should be used to ask for others' opinion on your own personalization. Third, those baseball team logos are probably trademarked, and can only be used with permission of the owner.

they are wallpapers not trademarked, and people might want to see something better than a white background. there isn't another category to put it in so I just chose the one that makes more sense.

Hey, I have a quick question. If I wanted to make a topic about TCRF and/or Pizza Tower, where would I put it? Also, PERSONALLY the 2nd one, but that's just my opinion. I would like it either way, even if you keep it the way it is now.

Well, Feature Requests is a category in which people suggest ideas for additions or changes to Snap.

It depends on how your topic is related to those games, @sonic123cdmania. If you've made a Snap version of it, then it would fit in Share Your Projects; if you needed help making it, then Help with Snap! > Snap! Editor; if you're just talking about the original game, you probably shouldn't make a forum topic about it.


I have considered a Snap! Pizza Tower, but it's too hard for me.

But unrelated MATH stuff is in the Computer Science category.

i dont know what pizza tower is

... Ok.

Let me point out that all I know about those games is that they are games. I had to do a quick search to find out what those were when you posted.
Also, isn't this a bit off-topic?


I only said one. Plus, if unrelated Math stuff is in here, shouldn't gaming be here?

I'm getting confused. I'm just going to stop discussing this.

... Ok. Maybe I should make this less confusing.

I initially did a reply that said,

You replied,

but I had more than just that bit, I said "Also, PERSONALLY the 2nd one, but that's just my opinion. I would like it either way, even if you keep it the way it is now."
That led to a bit of a back-and-forth between us 2.
I brought up the Math stuff in the Computer Science category, but you literally didn't say anything about that. You replied, but it didn't have to do with what you were replying to. You said "games" but I only mentioned 1 game, Pizza Tower. TCRF isn't a game, it's a website dedicated to documenting unused content in games.

Really all I asked is where I would put a topic, and also gave a comment about what PFP @mtrout_27 should change to, but you didn't focus on the second part, only the first one.

I'm sorry for misunderstanding. I know I sound super dumb a lot of the time, but it's really that my brain isn't very good at taking in information.

I thought 2nd one referred to the preceding sentence. That's why I was confused, because you had a pronoun without an antecedent.

Ah, Ok.

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