Where do I like a comment and comment myself?

I'm new so I'm confused how to use snap

Short answer, you can't.

Long answer

Would you add likes, upvotes, follows, or other social media features?

If you're talking about in the snap editor, just right click (or on mobile, tap and hold). There should be an option to "add comment".

Where is the snap editor?


Click on "Run Snap"-okay the question's been answered already.

Not as in snap coding, the snap forum

Oh. So, uh on EVERY comment of the Forums there's a reply button. You can press the Reply Button to...reply. But I guess you already know how to do that.

You also know how to make a New Topic, so there's that.

Uh...I don't really know what to explain to you. Looks like you already know how to post.

Yeah, but where do you like a comment?

Same applies to the forum - no likes allowed

But how?

You can't

In some forums, I cannot see the reply button. And when I was trying to put a link on this post, it said "sorry no links" allowed.

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