Where Can I Edit The JS of a Primitive in the Source Code? (Part 1)

untitled script pic

Apparently [scratchblocks]paste on [ v] :: pen[/scratchblocks] is called "blitOn" in the source code. objects.js, line 4745.

Also try "duplicate" effect?

Yeah, saw that too.

It looks like a horizontal version of "mosaic". Duplicate effect 10:
Screenshot (79)

Apparently there is an easter egg having to do with christmas.

objects.js, line 3477?

Something about variables...


is it, then this is it:
Screenshot (80)

I think I found something weird:

(I'm using Snap! Jr. source code)
See that green shirt emoji? I didn't put that there... So maybe objects.js automatically gets updated when there is a change in another part of the code?

Another thing:
untitled script pic (1)

I highly doubt it.

I have no idea what that picture is of.

It's a Snap! Block lol

It looks like it's supposed to be a "result pic...", but it's so low-definition.


"Could not fetch project Experiments
This project does not exist"

Now try.

Experiments script pic
This doesn't make a new clone, but rather makes the original move 10 steps.