Where Can I Edit The JS of a Primitive in the Source Code? (Part 1)

Where can I edit what a primitive does in the source code?

I think it's either blocks.js or objects.js. I'll go look.

If you find it, could you tell me the line number? Thanks!

I'll try.

I just found the %whatever input definitions! blocks.js, lines 307-1038!

Yeah, I saw that when I was looking for them myself.

Input definitions. :slight_smile:




Before I posted this topic, I tried to find the block definitions myself. No such luck.

But why would you look for yourself? You're always at yourself.


I'm pretty sure you meant "looking for them myself.".

I corrected that after you started typing.

I still don't see a "them".

Oh, your talking about that post...

You fixed it. Let's get back on topic while we can.

I think objects.js, line 3653 might be the start.

What about their talking about that post?

I said:


post. The "them" in "looking for them myself" wasn't there originally.

You already said that.

You trailed off.

without specifying what you meant about

(or their talking because I'm not them).