Where are all of the names of the blocks in the Snap! code stored?

if u have problems ask bhh or programmer_user(reading morphic.js :~)) or me

Ok! Also can you give your opinion on the hat TOTM banner I made for april (and hopefully may, too)?


edit: the auto sizing makes it a bit low quality, zoom in on it



I'm going to use an hdify to make it well, hd
Edit: Done! But I need to fix the reporter texr

Just press Shift while clicking on the Snap! logo to go into Dev Mode. You can then edit the names of blocks there.

Also you can do what @earthrulerr do with his Snap! Jr project where he literally deleted some blocks and replaced them with different blocks that do the same thing.

Bruh you know they dont save :man_facepalming:

I think in April there won't new topic of the month looking how many days left to may.

So maybe "hats" can be may's totm

Didn’t go into Dev mode, right click on a block in the block selector (or hold down) then click hide. It will save that way.

here's my attempt

using this custom block
untitled script pic(15)

select block (2nd slot updates automatically)
untitled script pic(16)


edit spec
untitled script pic(17)

then run, result:
untitled script pic(18)

@jens Dude this is the first time I have ever made one of these posts chill out jeez

this is miscategorized as "advanced" when it's just the usual obsession about the source code. I'm closing this. The source open for anyone to read and mod, but this is the forum for learning Snap. I'm closing this thread, and others that keep obsessing about JS.