Where are all of the names of the blocks in the Snap! code stored?

I would like to create a snap modification, and I want to change the name of some blocks, but I don't know where the names are kept

I would start by searching for the block names in the files. The text on the block has to be defined somewhere.


More than one place, and often in code rather than in a data structure -- kind of messy I'm afraid. But the place to start is objects.js.

oh god, making an operating system looks easier than what you're describing


Ok, cant edit rn, making the April (and hopefully may too) TOTM banner

as i see,the specs of the blocks are in blocksjs but the imlpementaion is in objects.js
ps:messy!thread.js contains some blocks too

This is going to be harder than I originally thought, might have to do it next year (turning in my chromebook to the school in 2-3 weeks :( )

If u make the thread system urself then

the rilly bad thing is when u don't calculate ur calculation in ticks.
Minecraft doesn't have much bugs except the east south rule about tickking.
That's why I always make my script either by pending broadcasts or only in one script

wdy want to do?


what do you want to do by editing the specs of blocks?

i just want to mess around, change the names XD



i mean that is okay to do but not very interesting
mb u can add bad translations to blocks
(u could do that in en_us.lang tho)

I mean, sure! If I do it, its going to be funny "translated into 100 languages and then back into english" and during the weekend

yes(edit en_us.lang instead of blocks.js)