Whenever I logout of Snap!, this happens

[Basically what the title says]

This is incredibly annoying. I have two accounts, one named @slate_technologies, as you should know, and one named @gamedev_guy for Netblox. I switch between both of them so I can do stuff with one account and do stuff with other accounts.

However, I keep having to redirect back to snap.berkeley.edu with this.

and also logging in to the forum when you aren't logged in on the main site doesnt redirect you back to the forum when you log in.

This also happens to be part of the reason i started using @mr_owlssssnap2 as my main account on the main site now instead of @mr_owlssssnap

get 2 browsers the cookies are independent

using two browsers would be extremely inconvenient and rely on both browsers being good

browser profiles would make much more sense but is still inconvenient and i don't think most people would want to do that

nah i do it on other places like replit and github